The Definition of Wisdom In the Eyes 👀 of Master Mind University (MMU):

Wisdom is a parent to knowledge and feeling through conscious frequency accumulated by experiences. Experiences are a conglomeration of energies. Wisdom is derived from a mind that exercises a relationship with nature, the universe, and you; for all are connected as one.

We were not taught how to inherit wisdom from the universe or from within the spirit in traditional schooling. Schools, colleges, and local universities did not offer programs that showed you how to access wisdom from personal experiences, spiritual awareness, or personal observations. Nor, did they encourage and show how to use it throughout your journey in life.  If this were true, more people would be experiencing independent lifestyles of freedom. Wisdom is spiritual leverage!

Wisdom is something you discover through Spiritual Development and meditation practices to provide an internal freedom. It is a necessity in life. Especially, when you walk the path of an entrepreneur or simply seeking a life that fits you.

When you extract positive energies from your experiences or by learning from other people’s experiences, you attract wisdom as a result. Allow your inner wisdom to be the tool that allows you to discern what is felt through the frequencies of your cells. It’s how we communicate before physical interaction takes place.

You can achieve a mind and spirit of wisdom by connecting with like-minded people who walk the walk and have the experience to share using wisdom and the gift of knowledge.

Wisdom is the depth of life’s meaning coming from an angle of perspective. The MMU thought process is a combination and a reflection of love and positive energies united in the form of knowledgeable information.

Master Mind University will allow you to extract good energy from the universe. From this, you can apply the good energy to the areas where it is needed. Life lessons give you something you won’t find in traditional education; it’s called life skills. MMU recognizes the importance of wisdom when it comes to online education and maintaining a positive lifestyle for entrepreneurs.

Remember, applied knowledge is power.

Wisdom is the gut intuition before knowing.


To Your Educational Success,

-Master Mind Wisdom 🎓

P.S. Clearly, there is nothing wrong with people attending traditional school. I believe most of us did, aside from those who were home schooled. Keeping us from conscious awareness at a young age was the problem. Education is good when it’s intended to propel one’s mind to go forward in life. But, when it keeps a person’s life stagnant it becomes a game of control. Freedom is not held by control, only exploration and questioning the possibilities of life is how we allow ourselves to advance and mature. Lastly, to adapt to the formula of an entrepreneur and it’s elements of success before it becomes a reality; your reality is simply your perception of truth. Truth is an opinion shaped by experience.  If we don’t take charge of our minds, history will continue to repeat itself.


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