Student Evaluation


Is MMU for YOU?

Every student at MMU will receive the privilege of a meet and greet. Yes, that’s right, you as a student will have the opportunity to meet your educator personally either by means of telephone, video, or in-person. This is beneficial to both you and the educator.

When was the last time you were able to meet your professor? The downside to that, is you didn’t know what kind of person you were dealing with. What if you didn’t click with their personality? In this event, you get to feel out the professional you are learning from listen to the tonality of your educator.

On the other hand, the educator gets to feel out the student to make sure they are a good fit. Again, to be mindful of people’s time. Master Mind University wants educators and students to have a similar energy connection and feel comfortable with one another.

To Your Entrepreneurial Success,

The Master Mind University Team (MMU)

MMU Team