Dear Entrepreneur,

How important are resources to you?

Resources are something we must obtain to create building blocks to success.

People and the relationships you have with them are the most precious ability throughout humanity.

There’s one thing we all have in common as people… we all need something from someone or somewhere.

Think to when it all started way back when bartering our thoughts, services, products, and skills is all we had, until the necessity for exchanging monetary currency became part of everyday living.

Resources come in many forms:

  • People (Relationships)
  • Information (Education)
  • Objects (Books)
  • Thoughts (Knowledge)
  • Spirituality (Wisdom)
  • Money (Financial Tool)
  • Products (Tangible or Non-Tangible)
  • Services (Skill Sets)
  • Software (Artificial Intelligence)

You are your most valuable resource when it comes to being a successful entrepreneur.

The method you implement to integrate the pieces together is how you will establish the necessary system to make it all work.

MMU is your vehicle to bring your vision into fruition.


To Your Path of Success,

Joseph Mercado


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