Keyword Videos

Keyword Videos (KWV) are inspirational keyword quotes developed in motivational videos. As you may already see the number of poster quotes floating around the Internet.

It’s great to have a saying or what some call a “meme,” but how important is it to know what  the message means. For instance: Twenty people can read the same message and have twenty different perspectives about the inspirational poster.

With Keyword Videos, author Joseph Mercado creates personalized videos to help you understand the meaning to his original writing in the first place.

Positive quotes can be stimulating, but there’s more life to it when it’s elaborated like a term in the dictionary. Watch, listen and learn to words of influence delivered into your ears. Absorb the good energy and let it soak in the cells of your body. It’s electrical charge will increase your level of frequency.

“The most important conversation you can have is self-talk. What you say to yourself and believe, will generate your results throughout each day.” -Joseph Mercado

Keyword Video = Self-Talk – The most important conversation… (MP3 Audio | Duration: 6:00 minutes)