Inspirational Calligraphy Quotes

Inspirational Keyword Calligraphy Quote (IKCQ) is a customized product line of Joseph Mercado’s inspirational quotes of wisdom. Individually, quotes are written by a professional artist.

Each message of influence is thought of based on the collection of thoughts in the mind of the author. The energy within the words is positive and creates a perspective which helps people think more clearly.

It is believed that sometimes you need to see a situation from another angle of perception. The slight swivel of a thought can open up a new moment of opportunity.

The words you think are the actions you take. Your words only have the most value (positive or negative) when they are delivered into the form of a physical action.

Allow your words to be thought of carefully and wisely. This is directed towards self-talk conversations and what you say to others around you.

What you say to yourself becomes your reality when you believe it long enough.

How you speak to people defines how you treat yourself internally when no one is looking.

Words are powerful.

Actions represent what is thought.

Combine the two and you create a force. Make it positive.

Be the activated switch that fuels the mind of others to take charge of his or her own life.

You are the positive realm of light beaming across the galaxies of the universe.

To Your Inspirational Success,

-Joseph Mercado 🙂

Inspirational Calligraphy Quote – Keyword = Words: Actions are words activated by motion