Master Mind University (MMU)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1) What are the 3 primary entities within MMU (in sequential order)?
The three primary entities in sequence include: 1) Spiritual Development 2) Personal
Development and 3) Business Development

2) Is MMU an accredited institution? Why or Why not? MMU is not an
accredited institution. The reason is because people come to MMU to
learn how to discover their passion and purpose in life while learning
valuable information on becoming a leading entrepreneur or excelling
their current role as an entrepreneur, not earn degrees. MMU decrees
appointed order when it comes to instructing independent mind-sets.

3) What are 5 benefits to a person who becomes a student at MMU?
The five benefits are: 1) Increase the quality of your thoughts 2) Attract
a positive lifestyle 3) No debt or financial loss (interest) 4) Discover your
passion(s) in life and 5) Network with positive, like-minded people.

4) Can anyone become an educator within the online university? Why or Why not?
No. Not anyone can become an educator. The reason is because MMU has
strict guidelines and maintains a high level of positive influence and
positive energy within its parameters.

5) How many departments of education are within Master Mind University?
There are a total of 120 departments of education within MMU.

6) What are the two types of educators and what is the difference between the
two? The two types of educators include: 1) Paid educator and 2) Free
educator. The difference is a paid educator not only gets paid for his or
her information, but also has university incentives to offer. A free
educator is voluntary and does not offer additional MMU incentives, only
their experiences in life delivered to help you.

7) How many avenues of revenue does an educator have when it comes to
generating residual income from within MMU? What are they? And what are the
three professional areas outside of an educator? An educator within MMU has
the ability to generate five avenues of revenue. These avenues include:
1) Information 2) Products 3) Services 4) Affiliate Partnership and 5)
Membership. The other 3 areas outside of an educator include:
1) Students 2) Marketers and 3) Sales People (Informants).

8) Name 10 departments of education within MMU. The ten following
departments within MMU include: 1) Master Mind Publishing 2) Master
Mind Entrepreneur 3) Master Mind News 4) Master Mind Books 5) Master
Mind Articles 6) Master Mind Information 7) Master Mind Marketing 8)
Master Mind Business 9) Master Mind Development and 10) Master Mind

9) What will students receive after they have successfully completed one of the
four methods of education? Students will receive what is called a Certificate
of Achievement (COA) for any successfully, completed sector of

10) What are the four methods of education for delivering positive information?
The four methods of education are: 1) Classes 2) Courses 3) Programs
and 4) Workshops.

11) How many teaching platforms are currently being used to launch MMU? What
are they? Currently, there are five platforms where educators can deliver
positive information to students which include: 1) Google Hangouts On Air 2)
Skype Video Classroom 3) Cisco WebEx 4) FreeConferenceCall and 5) FaceBook Live.

12) What is the 12 month goal to reach in regards to students becoming entreprenerus for MMU?
The 12 month goal to establishing more entrepreneurs through MMU’s education courses are 100,000 students. The students become the entrepreneurs from the knowledge and wisdom of the influencers. The influencers are the educators.

13) Name 3 out of 18 guidelines within MMU? The three guidelines include:
1) An educator must have a LinkedIn Profile with a minimum of 500 plus
connections or more 2) Willing to work as a team player with other
educators and 3) Write a minimum of one article per month pertaining to
his or business and how it reflects education.

14) How many opportunities does an educator receive before he or she is
disbarred? And what are the two vital ‘negatives’ that completely revokes an
educators profile and performance from MMU? An educator will receive three
opportunities to make a positive change before he or she is disbarred
from MMU. The two major negatives to inflict immediate revocation is
fraudulent conduct and spiritual or religious mockery geared towards
disrespecting a person’s beliefs.

15) What is it that distinctly differentiates MMU from any other university on the
planet and makes it totally unique? There are several aspects which differ
MMU from any other university on the planet. The one main aspect is our
level of personalization. It is the result of relationships which form
established friendships born by influence.

16) Is MMU an MLM organization? Will it be or will it not be? And why?
No. MMU is not and will not be an MLM organization. The reason is
because there are no downlines or uplines. We are not anyone’s boss,
neither are we above any one person, nor below. We are a team of elite educators in
which we grow in width and spread out amongst the nations of
humanity encouraging more students.

17) What markets do educators within MMU target? An educator markets his
or her content within the specified niche he or she represents or is called
to deliver.

18) Does MMU recruit or refer people? And why? MMU refers people. MMU
does not recruit people as we are not a staffing agency or a pyramid,
related organization.

19) What does MMU have that allows students to afford such a valuable
education? MMU has only one initial tuition only which is the cost per
educator based on the subject matter a student is willing to learn from,
extract the necessary positives and apply them to his or her life as a
result of the educators influence.

20) What does Master Mind University mean? Define it.
Master Mind University (MMU) is defined as such:
• Master = The creator of our universe, God himself.
• Mind = The ability to think, act, and perform intelligence in an ingenious manner.
• University = The micro-universe in between your ears, mirror reflecting the universe outside of our earth.

21) What is the purpose of MMU? The purpose of MMU is to help people
through spiritual growth and mind-set which is found inside personal
development, enabling people to positively change their lives from
negative to positive. This helps human beings attract a more positive
lifestyle as opposed to settling and living below their deserve level.

22) Name the two perks students can experience within MMU’s incentive
program? The two perks students can experience are MMU Credits
(school money) and MMU Minutes (school time).

23) How many minutes does a “class” consist of within MMU? A class within
MMU consists of a minimal of 60 minutes (1 hour) and a maximum of
180 minutes (2 hours and 40 minutes).

24) What is the duration time of a “course” when a student signs up through
MMU? The duration time of a course within MMU is 4 to 16 weeks.

25) How long can a “program” take before a student becomes properly educated?
A program within MMU is anywhere from 3 to 12 months.

26) How many days is a “workshop” made up of? A workshop is made up of 1 to 3 days.

27) What are the two required practices a student must obtain in order to become
successful in both MMU and in life? The two required practices are spiritual
development and personal growth.

28) Can educators team up to deliver an education to students? If so, why is this
important? Yes, educators can team up to deliver positive information.
The reason is because it takes team work in order to make the dream

29) How will information be delivered to the students via the educators?
Information will be delivered via online webinars, social media
applications, and by means of telephone communication.

30) What is your life purpose as an educator? My life purpose as an educator
is to help people transition their negative thoughts into positive results.

31) How many departments can one educator teach in? An educator can teach
in more than one department as long as he or she qualifies for the
requested area. Each educator must also fill out a new outline template
to properly create a new MMU Profile Slide in order to perform with such

32) What are the three immediate attributes MMU looks for within an educator in
order to qualify to be a part of the team? The three immediate attributes
within MMU’s qualified educators include: 1) Integrity 2) Energy and 3)

33) What does network marketing mean inside MMU? Network Marketing
inside MMU means that you must network your thoughts to market your
mind in order to properly brand your personality.

34) What is the belief system of MMU? The belief system within MMU is
‘honesty’. Through honesty, we sincerely help people reach their goals
and achieve their dreams resulted from the support of experience of
predecessed successors. This mission is accomplished from people who
are in a position to help others.

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