Master Mind University (MMU) provides you with an elite team of profound educators who are willing to serve you by pursuing your passion and bringing your purpose to life. This is achieved through ‘how to’ topics related to your goals. Each educator is a manufacturer of positive information that is purposed to help you achieve your next step as an entrepreneur. Perhaps, you’re seeking to become a professional in your field.

For example: if you’re looking to improve your life skills and habits within time-management, you would be connected to a relative trainer who will help you become more effective inside time-management. Numerous educators conducting various classes, courses, programs and workshops are available to your convenience using platforms to serve you. Online education is your opportunity to learn at a level you were never taught in high school or college.

Here are just a few professional educators within Master Mind University and the courses we offer. If you would like to know more about each educator, just simply click on their profile picture and you will be re-directed to their professional LinkedIn profile. Learn more about your educator.

Alexandra Janelli
Alexandra Janelli – HypnoTherapist
Alyse Parise
Alyse Parise – Time, Energy, & Money
Andrea Feinberg
Andrea Feinberg – Marketing
Chuck Goetschel
Chuck Goetschel – Social Media
Diane L. MacDonald
Diane L. MacDonald – Goal Setting
Estra Roell
Estra Roell – Life Purpose
Dr. Farid Zarif
Dr. Farid Zarif – Medical Science
Guy Jazzy Rainey
Guy Jazzy Rainey – Motivation
Holly Boxenhorn
Holly Boxenhorn – Women’s Empowerment
Jillian Weston
Jillian Weston – LinkedIn Specialist
Joseph Mercado
Joseph Mercado – Mind-Set
Keith Senzer
Keith Senzer – Mind-Shift
Laurie Wolfe
Laurie Wolfe – Networking
Lorena Clark
Lorena Clark – Network Marketing
Margaret Marshall
Margaret Marshall – Health & Nutrition
Midge Leavey
Midge Leavey – Separation Anxiety
Mike Markovski
Mike Markovski – Self-Esteem
Monica Bennett
Monica Bennett – Positive Mind
Nicole Moneer
Nicole Moneer – Fitness & Nutrition
Pratima Jaiswal
Pratima Kumar – Personal Development
Eileen Lichtenstein
Eileen Lichtenstein – Resilience

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