Why Do We Hesitate? – Important Question From The Department of KeyWord Questions (KWQU)


Question from the Department of KeyWord Questions (KWQU) ❓

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Keyword: Hesitate πŸ€”

Universal Principle: Law of Reaction πŸ‘¨β€βš–οΈ

Thought: To be really honest, we need to ask ourselves this question every time — once again — we hesitate about stepping “off the fence”, taking a stand, making a decision…. and in this instance I am referring to the “activating” and practicing of ones spiritual awareness.

It would appear that many people are afraid to acknowledge their spirituality. There usually are two reasons for this, and the first is concerning the fear of what other people will think and say about ourselves if we happen to step out of the “norm” of how the average human thinks and believes.

The other reason most certainly is the fear of looking within oneself and observing truthfully how one thinks and behaves and the necessary changes that obviously must be made. This will include the gradual realization there is more to life than the material world around us. ThatΒ΄s usually an eye-opener.

The thing is, that no matter how much we try to avoid this “encounter”, our Soul will keep pushing and pushing until we do surrender to the inevitable meeting with our true identity — the “REAL ME”. And, to top it off, if we donΒ΄t surrender to this inner yearning and awareness in this particular lifetime, we can be rest assured that we will be bombarded with opportunity after opportunity in our next lifetime.

It is now time to accept the fact we cannot escape the cycle of incarnating here again and again until we have learned our lessons and the purpose of this life on planet Earth. Compare it to having to repeat 3rd grade again and again in school, because that is what Earth is…. a classroom!!

So, my suggestion to those still nestled “on the fence” is to wake up and take a good look at your life. Why waste time by allowing the egoΒ΄s “fear mongering” to influence and rule your life?? Listen carefully to the murmurings from your Soul to awaken and move on. ~ NamastΓ¨ πŸ™

What do you think about these thoughts from your perspective of truth?

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Moment of Hesitation….


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