Social Media Proof – Experiences From The Department of Master Mind Testimonials (MMTES)


Testimonial from the Department of Master Mind Health (MMH):

“Hi, my name is Monica Bennett. Recently, I came down with a pretty bad cold that has been affecting my sinuses and bronchial tissues.

I also developed a bad case of laryngitis. I consider myself a person who takes really good care of my health. I eat right, exercise every day and am at a perfect weight for my size.

However, sometimes our immune system does not get run down. For me this time of year with the shorter days and less sun is the time my body gets affected.

I rarely go to the doctor and when I do, it is for a wellness check up. Well, everyone I spoke to said to go to the doctor and get a Z-Pak (Zithromax), as this is an antibiotic. I try to avoid taking antibiotics unless I really, really have to.

My friend Joseph Mercado called me and said that he developed this special brew that will remedy my cold, and would I be interested in trying it. I said sure. Well, after the first tea cup full, I felt immediately better.

I continued to drink another few cup full’s throughout the course of the evening and second day, and I have to say I am completely better. It’s amazing! I love natural remedies, and Joseph’s tea saved me from going to the doctors to take antibiotics that causes a weaker immune system in the long-run.

Now, I know what to take the next time my body gets affected by a cold.

Thank you Joseph!” -Monica Bennett (MMU Educator)

Monica Bennett – MMU

Healing Your Negative Thoughts

Testimonials from the Department of Healing Your Negative Thoughts (HYNT):  The Undiscovered You – The Book:

“Joseph Mercado’s insight and wisdom are astounding! There isn’t a subject in life that this book does not shed light on! Several lines of influence strengthens the soul with spiritual nourishment. Thank you Joseph for sharing with us all.” Vincent Ferrer, Founder of New Sage Yoga, Port Jefferson, New York


“As a Self-Defense Coach I am always referencing motivational quotes to empower my clients. Joseph Mercado’s book The Undiscovered You is a real treasure. It is jam packed with life enhancing quotes that are easy to understand and more importantly apply to your everyday life. Do yourself a favor and invest in this book. It will positively impact your life. Thank you Joe, this book is a true gift to the world.” –Billy Reuter, Elite Self-Protection, Inc., Holbrook, New York


“Your book is absolutely amazing! I’m taking a stress-management class and I’m learning the exact same concepts. Your book is totally beneficial, and if your readers take it seriously and apply the concepts, they CAN and WILL improve their thinking as it did for me. Thank you so much and I look forward to reading your second book.” –Nicole Nardolillo, Las Vegas, Nevada


“Wow! I must say your book really inspired me to keep going in life with a positive attitude. I have had so much negativity over the years, but with a book like this, I can already see results and the positive outcomes ahead. Thank you for sharing your experiences.” –Jennifer Tessa, Lake Grove, New York


“This book captured my attention from the very first line. It has inspired me to continue on with my quest into spirituality and positive living. All of your quotes can be applied to many different aspects of daily life. Thank you very much for this valuable information.”Dustin M. Roswell, Electrician, Shirley, New York